Have YOU ever NOTICED?

OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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  • In the episode “Opie and the Spoiled Kid”, Opie tells Arnold that one of his chores is to keep the wood box filled.  Where in the Taylor house would there be a need for firewood?

    • They did have a fireplace. In the episode "Andy Saves Gomer", Gomer brings in enough firewood for many winters.

      Not sure why they would need to keep the wood box filled during the summer months of this episode however!


      • I never noticed, thanks.  Was the fireplace in the living room?

        • I think I may have to forfeit my Trained Noticer merit badge.  The fireplace is in clear view in “Barney Mends a Broken Heart”.

          • Andy and Jim Lindsey sat on the hearth and jammed.


  • When Andy and Peggy go out to the fancy restaurant, she tells him that she's been to New Orleans..."you'd like it. It's like Paris in a lot of ways." He simply replies, "You've been over there, have you?" and she tells him after she finished school,  kind of confirming Barney's guess about her life. Even though he felt a little out of his league, you'd think he'd mention that he was in Paris, too, during the war. I had forgotten he was until I recently watched "Ellie comes to Town" and Andy mentioned it when he was sniffing the bottle of perfume from Paris.

    • Yes, and also in "A Feud is a Feud" Andy mentions how he learned to speak French during the war.


      • Where’s that continuity woman when you need her?!

  • Here's something I'd forgotten about and haven't seen in probly fifty years. Andy and Opie walking 'back up' the road.  Came from a set of DVDs that I have.8573578869?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • You have to be quicker than Barney’s fast draw on this one, but about one minute into Barney on the Rebound, right after Thelma Lou kisses him on the jaw, Barney turns to see Melissa driving up to park in the sheriff’s spot.  However, when the car is shown parking, Barney is talking to Thelma Lou again.  Then he’s shown watching Melissa again.  Curious, curious.

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