Abbott & Costello Meet James Best

Did'ja know that not only did James Best ("The Guitar Player") appear in a film with Abbott & Costello, he played the title character?  Well, almost...

Arthur Franz played 'Tommy Nelson', fugitive boxer turned invisible man, in ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE INVISIBLE MAN (1951).  But in his early days as a contract player at Universal Studios, James Best was assigned to double for Mr. Franz, primarily for some effects shots and staging.  He mentions it briefly in his autobiography; here's a little more information...

Jimmy only appears in the actual movie once (that I can find), in a climatic fight scene that takes place in a fight arena locker room, outlined in silhouette in a cloud of steam.  But he also portrayed "the invisible man" for a couple production stills.

BTW -  the gangster villain in this A&C film was played by Sheldon Leonard.

Below is one of James Best's photos with Bud Abbott & Lou Costello.  Thought you'd enjoy it...


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