• Looks like Goober to about RAN BYE

    • That’s Barney Parny Poo.  Aka - The Big Barn.  

  • I’m waiting for this to start with unseen or rarely seen characters. Then it’ll be a real hoot. :)

  • This one corresponds to a character, first and last name.

    Dogs Serf

    • Fred Goss?


      • The man in the pic...Malcolm Tucker.

        total anagram.....SAD FLOW ONLY

        • That guy might have two chairs, and he has the magazines to swing it but he could end up with a case of barber’s claw. 

          here’s one:

          punch merel

          • I believe this is a woman of Mayberry that might like to punch on occasion? But she is not wanting to  punch "Merel" but someone else.

            • Well she's pretty feisty and she has chewed Andy out a few times.  Not sure if she'd really punch anyone though. 

              • I feel like Goober saying “say it again”.....who is it?

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