As in Mayberry anagrams. Can be a character name or short phrase. Here is the first:

A Mayberry citizen’s first name:


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  • Something Floyd said:


    • HINT: THE is one of the words.


      • While Andy was waiting for his “cousin”.

        • It’s a lot like life....the bus bringeth and the bus taketh away.  Floyd the philosopher.

  • Clue A....That’s two first names, same person.  

    Clue 2...Barney and Thelma Lou in cahoots.

    • Millie Grace, Thel's wallflower cousin, though I think her name was actually Mary Grace,

      the same as the actress who played her. And don't hire her for any home carpentry jobs.

      • Well, Dr., you’re sure right about Mary Grace.  However, I was referring to Andy’s “blind date” with Helen in Man In The Middle.  Barney said to Andy, “You’re gonna have a wonderful time with Millie Grace”.

        • Sorry about that. I guess I got my Graces mixed up.

        • Is that when Barney answered the front door and yelled: "Thelma, Andy Lou is here!"  

          • I don’t think so.

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