• Roger Hanover said this shortly after meeting Andy.

      • I’ll take a shot and guess: I just got over the grip.  

        When he stepped over his suit case.  

        • I am watching that one right now and if I was Andy I would tell Roger this: “If you call me ‘boy’ one more time I’m gonna knock you out and throw you to the gutter.”

        • That is basically it. "Just got over the grippe". Grippe is what people way back referred to as the flu. 

          That Roger. He sure says funny stuff!



          • Oooh,  okay.  Thanks for the lesson on that.  I always thought he was just calling the suitcase handle a grip.  So the grippe used to be the  flu.  I didn’t know that. 

            • Speaking of that,  recently I have developed a hand-washing compelsion to avoid getting sick. 

            • Well yes, grip and grippe both. Roger was a very punny guy. Sometimes his jokes were a bit stale though.


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