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i was talking with someone about TAGS and came around to how rarely Andy got really mad in the black and white episodes.  We each came up with an example of Andy’s b&w anger.  One was in season 5, Man in the Middle when Andy told Barney not to call Helen a dame.  The other was in season 3, Barney Mends a Broken Heart, when Andy got mad at Peggy when her friend Don (the hungry buzzard) dropped in unexpectedly.  I have since thought of a third one, which I’ll hold back for now.  Are there more?  If there are, perhaps there might be opinions on when Andy was the most angry in an individual scene.

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  • How about when Goober re-assembled a car in the court house?

  • I think it was 'Fun girls, when Andy said to Barney:" When this is over I'm gonna kill you." (They were about to go out the front door at Andys house)

    And then during A Wife for  Andy.  "Get them girls outta here!"

    • Just checked those two was Fun Girls for your first one.  Andy was pretty angry throughout the episode and “Mr. Fix-it” Barney noticed Andy’s jaw muscles working, not once but twice.  Could be this was Andy’s angriest episode, in total.

      A Wife For Andy is the one also mentioned by George’s, below.

      • I just thought of one; in Keeper of the Flame.    Ooowee he was mad at Opie for playing with matches.

        • He sure was, even told Aunt Bea that the boy needed a whippin’.  

      • Watched The Education of Earnest T.  yesterday and Andy was mad as heck after that first rock busted through a window of the courthouse, he said if he threw more rocks he was gonna put him 'under' the jail.  
        Its been fun looking for 'angry Andy'

        • Just watched that.  Andy sure was mad as heck at Ernest T.  Im not sure, but think I may have seen his jaw muscles working.  ;)

  • I can't come up with the episode, but I remember a scene with Barn and Ang sitting at the desk and Barney keeps goading Andy, (IIRC about getting married), Finally, Andy blows up, and Barney says "See, I told you!" or something similar.  I can see the scene, plain as day, but the dialouge is too fuzzy.

    • That was A Wife For Andy and Barney pesters Andy so badly that Andy yells, “WILL YOU SHUT UP!” That might have been Andy’s angriest very brief moment.

  • I guess it’s true that Andy was cooler than the center seed of a cucumber.  The only other display of anger I thought of was in season 5, Goober and the Art of Love, when Andy caught Barney and Goober spying on him and Helen while they canoodled on the couch.  Coincidentally, two of these episodes involved Lydia C.

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