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i was talking with someone about TAGS and came around to how rarely Andy got really mad in the black and white episodes.  We each came up with an example of Andy’s b&w anger.  One was in season 5, Man in the Middle when Andy told Barney not to call Helen a dame.  The other was in season 3, Barney Mends a Broken Heart, when Andy got mad at Peggy when her friend Don (the hungry buzzard) dropped in unexpectedly.  I have since thought of a third one, which I’ll hold back for now.  Are there more?  If there are, perhaps there might be opinions on when Andy was the most angry in an individual scene.

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  • Just watched "Aunt Bee the Crusader".  Andy got pretty mad at Aunt Bee when she interfered in his handling of Mr. Frisbee's eviction.

  • The Case of the Punch in the, did Andy get mad at Barney!  When he yelled at Barn to shut up, he was boiling.

  • Andy got real mad at Opie when he thought Opie was on a spending spree with the money he found.

  • Andy got mad at Barney several times. "You beat know that?!?"  Aunt Bee wanted to string a wire across the road in "Barney's Sidecar" and Andy said he didn't want to kill him...hurt him a little but not kill him.   

    I think someone already mentioned "Goober Takes a Car Apart" when Andy held the long gun on Goober to get him to remove the car from the courthouse.

    I would say that his anger was usually justified because of the "not to smart" things whomever he was angry with had just done. :)

    • Didn't he tell Barney he was gonna kill 'im one time in one of the "Fun Girl" episodes?

  • I don't know if you'd call it anger, but he got louder and louder when he had to keep telling Aunt Bee to "Call the man!"

  • I've heard that Andy got kinda depressed when he saw that Don Knotts was starting to head for greener pastures. I don't know if it's true or not.

    He got pretty steamed when Barney invited all of them gals over to his house for him to check out because he was trying to get him married up.

    They all came in saying they were told to meet Thelma Lou there.


    It might have been the makeup or the lighting or something,

    but he just looked haggard/gaunt and disgusted much of the time in the color episodes. I think of Andy kind of like I do meatloaf:

    The worst meatloaf I ever had wasn't too bad.

  • How about when Goober re-assembled a car in the court house?

  • I think it was 'Fun girls, when Andy said to Barney:" When this is over I'm gonna kill you." (They were about to go out the front door at Andys house)

    And then during A Wife for  Andy.  "Get them girls outta here!"

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