Another mystery woman?

Stop me if this has come up before, but I’m wondering if anyone can recall seeing this woman in other episodes.  In the first picture, she takes a prominent spot in “Barney’s Replacement”.  I’m not positive if that’s her in the second picture, walking in the background in “Barney on the Rebound”, but it sure looks like her.  She has a large purse in both appearances.  I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed her in at least one other episode, but I’m not sure which one(s).


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    Another sighting, the 8th by my count.  There she is watching the aftermath of Malcolm’s collision, in “Andy’s English Valet”.

  • I believe I spotted her again, this time in The Education of Ernest T. Bass.  She passes very quickly behind Ernest T. and Helen.


  • Color episode this time (okay, I’m obsessed).  I’m quite sure that’s her next to the window and behind the little boy in the blue sweater.  Episode is The Statue, Season 7.


  • I saw her again last night....9006220454?profile=RESIZE_400x

    Andy and Opie’s Pal

  • Good noticin’, Franklin.  She’s in several scenes in the episode, but here she is having a fine time clapping along with the “improved” Mayberry band.



  • Okay, Franklin, I’ll check it out.  Her she is in the crowd scene in “Barney Gets His Man”.


  • I saw her in The Mayberry Band.  She was an onlooker by the street as the band marched by doing a  demo for the mayor.  Can't post a picture cause I'm using a phone and I don't know how.

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