Another Possible Schwump Sighting?

Hello neighbors! This photo was recently posted on another TAGS page I frequent by a member watching an episode of 'Perry Mason' titled, 'The Case Of the Drowsy Mosquito.' I have to say the man on the right certainty resembles Mr. Schwump. As usual, the character played a wallflower and didn't speak so no screen credit was given. He appears to be wearing a toupee as well. I couldn't find the episode on YouTube to scrutinize it further. What are your thoughts?


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  • I watched and I think it's likely him.  Another photo...


  • My thoughts are, I'm gonna watch it soon and see what I can see.

  • I've got a possible sighting. From the John Wayne film North to Alaska 1960.. obviously without his toupee . :-) 10912359080?profile=RESIZE_180x180

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