Barbershop Chat Schedule

Hey folks,

I've been talking about this to folks a few at a time but I figured it was time to get to work on it.

I hope you've noticed the Barbershop Chat tab up there in the navigation menu and maybe you've even dropped by for a visit and found the room..well...empty.  I want to try and make your chances of finding fellow Mayberrian's there to visit with.

The schedule is only beginning and I'm looking for input from all of you about what you'd like to see.  The idea is to schedule something every night at 8pm ET (7pm CT) so that everybody has multiple chances to drop by and visit because there's no way folks can be there every evening. 

The only thing scheduled right now (as of 12 Jan 2012) is for Monday nights.


  • Two Chairs No Waiting Podcast LIVE Show (Video stream from TCNW HQ and Chat room fun)

TUESDAY thru Friday NIGHTS (8pm ET)

  • Open chat (no live video stream scheduled)

SATURDAY and SUNDAY (we may want to pick other times?)

I believe there are several things we could schedule for specific nights.  The ideas are trivia night and quote-a-thon night (talk in quotes or try to).  Those may not be good ideas or maybe folks can think of better ideas.  I think a trivia night would need a leader willing to be in charge of questions  (i.e. a host like on Jeopardy!).

The times (other than Monday nights) are not locked in either but they are a starting point.  Y'all speak up and offer *your* ideas.  We might be able to come up with something really fun or even have more than one time per night when folks can meet. 

I look forward to hearing from y'all on this. -Allan

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  • Floyd, next time I come into the barbershop instead of you know just loafing around in the barbershop, give me a a haircut.

  • We had another fun chat time at the Barbershop this past Friday night!  There were about 8 folks that were able to attend. 

    We'll be meeting again tomorrow night (23 Jan 2012) at 8pm ET.  I hope to see you there!

  • We had a great time in the Barbershop Chat last night!  There were at least 21 townsfolk in there visiting with us and a good time was had by all.   I hope folks will make plans to be there on Monday nights (our only scheduled meeting time right now) and other times throughout the week.  Nightly at 8pm ET.

  • We had a great time chatting tonight.  Thanks to all who joined us.  It was short notice but we had a BIG crowd of folks!  I'm sorry for those that weren't able to attend.  We'll do it again!

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      • Hey Emmett,

        Sorry you missed it.  I didn't give everybody very much notice before it started that it was going to occur.  We did have, at one point, 21 Mayberry folks in the room with us.  It was a sight to behold.  Maybe we'll have a good crowd on Monday night for the Two Chairs No Waiting Live show.

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    • That's so true, Albert.  A chat room is a great way for us to get to know more about one another.  I certainly have fun visiting.

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