Let's create our own fun questions that are answered by imagination rather than facts. Make your answers as fun and silly as possible.

What is Andy's middle name? Shakespeare. That's why Andy is so theatrical.
What movie scares Barney the most? Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) Barney thinks someone stole his body and left him with a broom stick
What does Aunt Bee hate to cook? Upside down pineapple cake. She gets dizzy standing on her head.
What does Goober like to do is his spare time? Collect oil samples!
Why was everyone in Mayberry so mad at Floyd? Floyd had a way of cutting everyone deep. Poor Floyd.
Why did Ben Weaver open a new store in Mayberry? He decided one store wasn't enough to hold all of Andy's antics.
What does Ellie do at the drug when after Aunt Bee and her friends leave? She bottles up all the gossip.
What doesn't Barney ever put up a roadblock near the lake? Because only small catches are made at the lake.
Why did Opie ask Andy for money? Because he needed to put his two cents in worth during school or he would get into trouble.
Why didn't Thelma Lou like candy? Barney was always trying to sweet talk her.

These are fun and silly questions that require fun and silly answers.

Have fun in Mayberry by answering these questions and creating your own!

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