Early Mayberry Town History

Greetings Mayberryites -

Looking for assistance on a Mayberry research project and need help filling in some blanks.

I have been visiting and re-visiting virtually every online Mayberry resource including books looking for information about the early years of Mayberry. There is little that describes the early years.

I have been able to obtain the following: The "Battle of Mayberry" was in May 1762. The town was burned down in 1870 and there was a financial crisis in 1874.

Perhaps I have overlooked something in my research or, as I suspect, there is really no mention of the early years which leaves it open for interpretation.

I am hoping someone may be able to help with the following and PLEASE cite your source :-)

 Is the" Battle of Mayberry" referring to Mayberry County?
 When was the "County" of Mayberry formed?
 When was the "Town" of Mayberry formed? Incorporated?
 Square miles of the Town?

I have seen a reference in the Mayberry Historical Society on this site that indicates that Mayberry was formed by John Mayberry in 1864. Where was this information obtained?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Randy Higgins

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