• A Case Of A Punch In The Nose is one episode I could do without, and that's a B&W one. Barney's relentlessness and stubborness at not letting the old matter drop not only gets on Andy's nerves but mine as well. There's probably a few more, but that's the one that always springs to mind. In the later episodes I could certainly do without Howard's mother, and any episode where Helen gets jealous, which seems to be about every second or third episode she's in. Being spoiled for choice and able to pick-and-choose any episode you want to watch, especially when you have the DVDs, the 'lesser' episodes are easily avoided, but even in those episodes there is usually a funny scene or two. 

    • This brings up a potential debate: How realistic is TAGS?

  • Opie and the birds

  • I have a hard time watching 'The Legend Of Barney Fife.' I think the producers went way over the top, making Barney look much too foolish and cowardly.

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