Floyd Colby & Floyd Lawson (history)


The information below is the backstory that Norm Schultz (seen as "Floyd #1 in the photo) and I (seen as Floyd #2 in photo) deleloped to retcon what we saw on episodes of The Andy Griffith Show to make it fit into continuity of Mayberry. 

Floyd Colby  & Floyd Lawson (history)

  • Colby and Lawson were partners at Floyds Barber Shop but Colby was the majority partner. That's why in “Mayberry Goes Hollywood” when the big time movie director came to town, the barber shop was named " Colby's Tonsorial Parlor ." Mr. Harmon addressed Lawson as "Mr. Colby" and neither Andy nor Lawson corrected him not wanting to embarrass the director.   
  • Colby and Lawson worked alternating days of the week and toward the end of his time at the barber shop Colby only worked 1 or 2 days a week.
  • Colby was the one who convinced Lawson to go into barbering and encouraged Lawson to improve his skills by catching cats in the alley behind the barber shop after his time at barber college.
  • Both Floyd's were present when the "Case of the Punch in the Nose" happened. So both Goober and Colby were there when Lawson punched Foley. Colby was, however, in the backroom at the time so he did not see the incident..
  • Colby retired very shortly after (1961), sold his portion of the barber shop to Lawson, and moved out of town following his retirement.  (That's why we didn't see him anymore.) 
  • Floyd Lawson re-named the barber shop “Floyd’s Barber Shop” (added the apostrophe) changing it from plural to singular.

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  • Was Floyd catching cats to 1) Practice up on his tonsorial techniques? 2) Selling them to earn a little extra money? 3) Eating them when he ran low on ribs?

  • Makes for an interesting read with my morning coffee.  Nice creativity with the back story. 👍

  •  I never knew this Allan. Great post. . . "funny the things you don't know."  

    • That's not "cannon."  It's just the backstory that we developed for us to use when we appear at places.  I call it a retcon to make things work based on what happened on the actual episodes.

      • Ahh. I see. I like that back story. . . nice work! Have a great week, my friend.

        • I'll add some to the original post so folks will know where it comes from.  Don't want to confuse folks. :)

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