FREE Barn-o-lantern and other Patterns

The Old Remshaw Place at

barnpumpkin.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xMr. Remshaw has found it in his heart to light the way to the old Remshaw place with pumpkins carved to look like our favorite Deputy. Remshaw saw this baseball hunting trespasser as he was looking onto this world from the world beyond through that haunted painting above the fireplace.

Sure does feel like them eyes are following you everywhere, doesn't it? Also, be on the watch out for a floating axe Barney said he saw when he was here at Remshaw's place.

WBMUTBB Chapter member Paul Mulik created a pattern so that you can join old man Remshaw in leading folks to your home with the lovable face of Barney Fife shining the way from his Barn-O-Lantern.
We also have Floyd, Goober and Opie joining Barney with their own patterns (also created by Paul).

Your house will be the envy of your neighborhood this Halloween, or anytime, when you carve this Barney Fife, Floyd the Barber, Goober Pyle, or Opie jack-o-lantern...or all FOUR!

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