Goober and Gomer Pyle, Cousins

Gomer and Goober Cousins? Really Cousins? They are with each other for 3 TAGS Related episodes and a movie. A TAGS Episode, A Gomer Pyle USMC Episode, And Return to Mayberry Movie. 3 times! And they call themselves cousins they see each other 3 times. But you here Goober mentioned a lot before he makes his debut appearance and Gomer some after he leaves for the Marines. I see my great uncle more than that and he lives in New York! It well just doesn't make sense! I don't know what your idea is about this? But I.. I dont know. They needed to show each other (Gomer and Goober) more often than 3 televised Mayberry programs. Please reply with your idea.

Gomer and Goober.jpg

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