'Goober and the Truckers' Paradise'

This is the opening scene from the pilot of George Lindsey's failed sitcom 'Goober And The Truckers' Paradise.' The episode only aired once as a special on CBS on May 17, 1978 and was not picked up as a series. Listen close for a classic line heard on TAGS.

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  • I’m always intrigued by these pilot episodes of prospective TV series even if they aren’t very good. I don’t know if George Lindsey’s “star power” was big enough for him to lead his own sitcom. He comes across more as a supporting player than a lead. Then again, I wouldn't mind seeing the whole 25-30 minutes, but the three or so minutes available probably gives a fair indication of what the rest of it's like. 

  • I remember watching it.  Had no idea what was going on.  It was pretty bad.

  • Maybe “He looks good enough to bury”?


    • That's it, Bernie!


  • "Howdy" ?


    • Committing a 309? That sounded like something Barney would say.

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