• Barney has his own personal coffee cup in the Taylor's kitchen cupboard but we only see it one time.



  • I bet it's Mayberry's Finest Coffee. Head over to Weaver's and pick some up. :) mf_breakfastblend_tn.jpg

  • Wasn’t there a scene where Barney flung his coffee, in surprise?  I’d like to use it as a poser, but I don't remember the scene/episode.  Help?

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      • Was it Episode 32 season 3 The Big House?

    • That would be "The Bighouse". Happens when Andy marches the escapees back in for the second time.


  • That was quick!  Thanks, Billy.  Thanks, Mayor. 

  • Coffee Trivia: Who once complimented Andy on the courthouse coffee?

    • Rafe Hollister did. 

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