Have YOU ever NOTICED?

OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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    • Two kinds of cops. . . The quick, and the dead!

  • For you color season aficionados, all 3 of you, here is one:

    In "Wyatt Earp Rides Again", it is stated that Warren is the arm wrestling champ, with a months supply of mint jelly to prove it. In "Eat Your Heart Out", Andy states that Goober is the arm wrestling champion. Both statements made in Season 6, no less.

  • While I was watching the episode "Barney's First Car" I noticed a few things. First, and a number of folks have noticed this, if this was Barney's first car, whose car was he driving in "Runaway Kid?"  I also noticed the license plate on his "new" car was DF 153. I had just so happened to have watched "Andy's English Valet" recently and remembered Mrs. Edwards car that Malcolm used to drive Andy to the courthouse was also DF 153.  As Andy told Barney, "there's foul play afoot here!"

  • Did anyone else notice this?

    When Thomas A. Moody was on the porch, being welcomed as the "Guest of Honor" he thanked the committee by shaking their hands.  Point:  He shook their RIGHT hands, and yet a few minutes later, the wrist watched of several of the guys were missing from their LEFT wrist (except for a couple of pocket watches.  


  • Did anyone else notice this?
    When Thomas A. Moody is on the porch as the “Guest of Honor” he thanks those on the porch and even a member of the audience with a handshake. Later they discover that their watches are missing.
    Now the question: Since he shook their RIGHT hands, and most of them had their watches on their LEFT wrist...(except for a couple of pocket watches) How did that happen?

    Just wondering!

    • I do believe that he grabbed each ones right wrist with his own left hand as he shook their right hand. 

  • Have you ever noticed?...tht Andy does his "Official" paperwork in the Courthouse with a PENCIL?  I would think that even back then, it should be done in pen...I do know of one instance where he claimed he used a pen on an official document.  Dos anybody know where that happened?

  • Have you ever noticed that Andy seems to do all of his "official" paperwork using a pencil, instead of a pen?  Looks like official papers would be done with a pen. 

    I can think of one instance where Andy reported he used a pen. Anybody know which instance I'm thinking about?

    • When using the invisible ink 

  • Have you ever noticed that Andy does most all of his official paperwork in the Courthouse using a PENCIL?  You'd think he'd use a PEN for official documents. However, there is one occasion where he reported that he had used a pen. Anybody know when?

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