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Hey guys, new here. Years ago I saw an episode of the Andy Griffith show with my dad. Can’t temember the title of the plot. I just vividly remember a shot of Andy laying in bed smoking a cigarette and if memory serves Opie had gotten in trouble. The only thing I know for sure is that camera shot of Andy by himself smoking. Can anyone help me figure it out?

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  • Welcome Brodee. I think you may be recalling two different episodes. The time when Andy smoked in bed is from 'Gomer the House Guest', from season three.

    In 'Mr. McBeeVee', from season four, Andy lights up after talking to Opie about his new friend, Mr. McBeevee, a phone lineman Opie met in the woods and whose description Andy finds hard to believe. 



    Good to have you aboard, Brodee and please don't be a stranger!

    • Thank you! Can’t wait to connect with other classic tv fans.
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