• Hey Keevy!

    I'm glad you made the trip over to town.  You sure look different in your profile photo. :)

    I hope you enjoy your stay here.  I really feel like the iMayberry Community is becoming just that...a community...and that it can truly be an online version of Mayberry.

    • Thanks, Allan, right proud to be here. Yes, I changed my profile pic from what I had over to Miss Crump's.; paying tribute to my precious granddaughter, Avery Grace.

      • I 100% understand that.  You've got a right to be mighty proud of yourself.

  • Thanks for the kind welcome everyone.

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    • Good to see you aboard Juaneets, and Thel's Cuz too!

  • Hey Keevy, Lydia says hi!
    • Hey Lydia. How's your father?

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