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If you have a friend who isn't already hooked on Mayberry, what episodes make up your top five that would make your friend(s) fall in love with The Andy Griffith Show?

I did an episode of the Two Chairs No Waiting Podcast about this very topic and I would love to hear your thoughts about what the best episodes to recommend in order to get your friends "hooked on Mayberry."

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  • My list, given on Two Chairs No Waiting episode #174 are as follows:

    5. The Loaded Goat

    4. Barney's Sidecar

    3. Mountain Wedding

    2. The Pickle Story

    1. Convicts at Large

    • now which one do you recomend to show first out of those 5?


    • out of those I like The Pickle Story Convicts at large barneys sidecar and loaded goat

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    • STONER: "But I promised my brother......"

    • Andy on Trial
    • Man in a Hurry
    • Convicts at Large
    • The Bank Job
    • Opie the Birdman
  • Has anyone mentioned the fun girls? If that don't hook 'em, nothing will!
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    • Thank you for posting your favorites, Denise!  Also, welcome to iMayberry Community!

  • These are not my top 11 favorite episodes there my top 11 episodes to get hooked on. (Rated from 

    10. Andy on Trial

    9. Barney and the choir

    8. Mayberry Band

    Loaded Goat

    Man in a hurry

    Convicts at Large

    Pickle Story

    Big House

    Citizens Arrest

    Barney's Sidecar

    1. Andy discovers America

    • You NEVER Can Get enough Mayberry1


    • Out of my 11 the one's I'd LITERALLY show a friend first would be Citizens arrest Barneys Sidecar Big House Convicts at Large (Im a fan of the funny criminal ones) and maybe barnry and the choir and Pickle Story is a beginning classic so is loaded goat

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