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On Monday 11-23-20 Kitty and I were traveling listening to Sirius Radio "60s on 6".  The morning DJ played a Hoyt Axton song.  After the song he mentioned what a fan of TAGS he was and that the evening before he had watched the episode where Hoyt Axton appeared.  I can not recall Hoyt Axton in any TAGS episode.  Does anyone know?  

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  • IMDB (they're real, real good about this kind of thing) says Hoyt was never on TAGS.  Could be something misheard by Shorty or a mistake by the DJ.  Hoyt was on WKRP though, great episode.

    • I believe he probably confused Hoyt with Jack ?Prince? (Rafe Hollister).


      • Keevy's right, assuming he read my mind.  "He" being the DJ, NOT Shorty.  Shorty is too good've "noticer" to make that mistake.


      • That makes sense.


  • I always liked Hoyt, but if he was in TAGS, it must've been a color episode.  Seems like most of his appearances started mid to late 60's. 

    To quote my grand-niece, "Fun fact": Do you know his connection to Three Dog Night?

    • "I've never been to Spain, but, I've been to Oklahoma"

      "They tell me I was born there, but, I really don't remember"


      • Also, Steppenwolf's "Snowblind Friend"  

        He also had a connection to Elvis.  Do you know the connection? 

        • Jeremiah was a ...



          Those are the first TDN & Steppenwolf songs I think of.  But I liked the songs he sang.

           Elvis = Mom

          • Another little fact about Hoyt,  his dad John was a very sucessful high school football coach.  Once went 8 years without losing a game.  Broken Bow, Ok 

            Yes, his Mom wrote "Heartbreak Hotel"  



            • Thought he was going to be on The Beverly Hillbillies yesterday as I was typing my response. The episode was about a boy from home coming to BH and he was a singer.  Hoyt had a similar arc on BH.

              Turns out, it was "Keevy".  Jesse Pearson as Johnny Poke!

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