Hoyt Axton

On Monday 11-23-20 Kitty and I were traveling listening to Sirius Radio "60s on 6".  The morning DJ played a Hoyt Axton song.  After the song he mentioned what a fan of TAGS he was and that the evening before he had watched the episode where Hoyt Axton appeared.  I can not recall Hoyt Axton in any TAGS episode.  Does anyone know?  

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  • I always liked Hoyt, but if he was in TAGS, it must've been a color episode.  Seems like most of his appearances started mid to late 60's. 

    To quote my grand-niece, "Fun fact": Do you know his connection to Three Dog Night?

    • "I've never been to Spain, but, I've been to Oklahoma"

      "They tell me I was born there, but, I really don't remember"


      • Also, Steppenwolf's "Snowblind Friend"  

        He also had a connection to Elvis.  Do you know the connection? 

        • Jeremiah was a ...



          Those are the first TDN & Steppenwolf songs I think of.  But I liked the songs he sang.

           Elvis = Mom

          • Another little fact about Hoyt,  his dad John was a very sucessful high school football coach.  Once went 8 years without losing a game.  Broken Bow, Ok 

            Yes, his Mom wrote "Heartbreak Hotel"  



            • Thought he was going to be on The Beverly Hillbillies yesterday as I was typing my response. The episode was about a boy from home coming to BH and he was a singer.  Hoyt had a similar arc on BH.

              Turns out, it was "Keevy".  Jesse Pearson as Johnny Poke!

              • George,  Thank you for the fun facts, and info.  The thread kinda drifted from the topic.  I don't think Hoyt was ever on TAGS.  If he had, Kitty, my wife would know it.  She was a student at Broken Bow OKlahoma school during the 60's.  Anytime Hoyt was scheduled to be on TV, Coach Axton would mention it.  He would tell her, "Be sure to watch my boy, he is going to be on TV tonight."  

                Another fun fact,  During that time frame, Mae Axton would periodically substitute teach in that school.  When she did so, the students learned real quick to just ask her about Elvis and that would end the school lession for that hour.  

                Again thank you for the reply.  

  • IMDB (they're real, real good about this kind of thing) says Hoyt was never on TAGS.  Could be something misheard by Shorty or a mistake by the DJ.  Hoyt was on WKRP though, great episode.

    • I believe he probably confused Hoyt with Jack ?Prince? (Rafe Hollister).


      • That makes sense.


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