I've watched every single Andy Griffith Show episode 1-30 times. What is a good, funny, fun episode that I should watch again???????


Please Reply!!!!!

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  • Im replying to Keeyvees
  • All good suggestions
  • aa but it doesn't have barney.
  • Well everyone what Im doing is going through season 5-1 backwards and picking some of the good ones and skipping the ones I've recently seen in the last like 2 weeks.
  • Can't go wrong with, 'Family Visit,' my personal fav.

    "No strain."

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    • It's a Mayberry Fan's Version of alcohol because it's sp addicting! Ken: What a Neat Quadincidence about the cars!

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    • Hubcaps Lesh is great in that one.  Ha ha. 

      "Buy a car today!" 

  • All of them!   What I'd do is go back to the first episode and start watching them ALL in order.   I think it's impossible to pick one episode.

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      • How come you don't watch th color seasons the ones WITHOUT BARNEY?

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