• They certainly are interesting articles, albeit a touch cynical in tone. They seem to give the impression that both actresses were somewhat typecast perhaps, because of their roles in TAGS.

    And in the Frances Bavier article, what on earth is meant by “In 1968, ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ ended it’s run because Andy Griffith was hoping to accomplish something other than what’s expected”.

    Is that a fancy way of saying he wanted to do something else?

  • Betty Lynn was in 26 episodes that spanned 5 years. At $500 per episode she made a total of $13,000. Surely she was not in it for the money! I hope she gets some royalties for all the rebroadcasts.

  • Always fun to read, thanks for posting.  In the beginning of the Betty Lynn article, the writer refers to Thelma Lou as “naive”.  I never thought of her that way.

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