Just noticed..."And" and "Ange"


I think we all remember Barney calling Andy "Ange", short for Andy.  That even continued with Don was on Matlock.  I always thought he always called Andy that on TAGS.  

But I'm watching on TV Land and it's "The Perfect Female", the episode where Thelma Lou's cousin comes to town and Barney and Thelma Lou try to set them up.  There's the shooting contest at the end.

The scene where Barney is trying to get Andy to go to the coffee shop to meet the cousin, I hear him say "Hey And...." I've noted this before so when I knew it was coming I used the dvr to back it up and listen a few times.   He clearly says "And..."

Was just wondering if that was the first time (Season 2, episode 8) Barney called Andy either nickname.  I don't remember a time in the first season hearing either.  Wonder if this was the first time the term was used, and when it changed to "Ange"?

I know it's pretty obscure, but here we are!

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  • It seems that Andy refers to Barney as “Barn” quite often.

    But never as “Bar”. 😀

  • Barney seems to say "Ange" a fair bit, although it's probably one of those things that doesn't happen as often as you think it does, but I don't know how you get Ange out of Andy, it's already shortened from Andrew, isn't it? I guess it's just a nickname. "And" would sound like the word "and", so they made it "Ange". 

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