Leonard Blush

Everett Greenbaum, writer of many of the most loved episodes, including 'The Songfesters', says in the book 'Mayberry 101' that the inspiration for Leonard Blush was a friend he had during his early days as a writer in NYC.The man was named Irv Schactel and he had a weekly, 15 minute radio program where he was known as The Masked Crooner.


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  • Oh interesting.  I love all the Leonard Blush references.  One of my favorites is the time Andy and Barney dash into the court house and sit down to catch the first few minutes of Leonard on the radio,  singing "Who is Sylvia."  You can tell it's Howard Morris and his singing is hilarious.

    • They look so content.


  • We can thank Eleanora Poultice for that great talent!

    • LOL Eleanora Poultice is one the many great names the show had for characters.  I just watched the one with Idel Bushy and laughed for the hundredth time over that name.  Maybe it's Eydell?

      • Which one had Idel Bushy in it?   I only remember her by when Charlene Darling mentioned her. I never have seen her. Or maybe I have and I don’t know it.

        • I think it was the episode Charlene wanted the divorce. Said she caught Dud making eyes at Idell Bushey during preaching.

          • But your right.  She was just mentioned, not shown.

            • Yeah I don’t remember ever seeing her. Sure would be a gas to see what she looks like. 

  • “Leonard Blush, Leonard Blush. Is that all you can think of is Leonard Blush!?”


  • thank you Keevy for that post.  I did not know that and I always loved the Leonard Blush mentions.

    "and he's still got that radio show....big time."

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