My name is Maggie Peterson. You might know me better as “Charlene Darling” on the Andy Griffith Show.  I loved being part of that great show and the many friends and fans I’ve made because of it.  “Sheriff Andy Taylor” and “Deputy Barney Fife” could solve all problems in a single thirty-minute episode.  But real life is not so easy to fix.  I have come upon hard times this past year and that is why I am reaching out to all my friends and family to help me in my time of financial need.

In the past year, I have had several injuries and surgeries to my shoulders, which have left both arms partially paralyzed and in pain. In addition, I have an undiagnosed weakness in my legs. These conditions led to a series of falls in the last six months resulting in stitches on both sides of my face, broken ribs, re-injury to my shoulders, a concussion, and a severely broken left ankle, which required surgery.  I have basically been in rehabilitation facilities since November and am facing more of the same going forward.  I truly fear that I may not be able to live without care until I successfully rehabilitate from my current injuries. 

My dear husband, Gus, has Alzheimer’s and I was his caregiver.  Ironically, now I also need care.  My insurance does not cover this, and my finances cannot begin to cover it.  Residuals, you ask?  The Andy Griffith Show ended in the late sixties before residuals became what they are now.  There were some nominal ones in the beginning, but I have not received a residual for the Andy Griffith Show in fifty years.

I hope to get back on my feet, so to speak, but I will need a lot of rehabilitation and care.  Currently, I am unable to meet the financial needs of my rehabilitation and 24-7 in home care requirements.  I have a hard time asking for help, but at this stage of my life I have no place to turn to.  Thank you and I love you all.


 Maggie “Charlene Darling” Peterson

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