Mayberry Man

We watched Mayberry Man a while back. It was a great movie... reminded me of the Danny Thomas Show that Andy Griffith first appeared on. I remember watching this show as a young girl. I even ordered the DVD so my son could watch it. We have all 8 seasons of TAGS, Return to Mayberry and 3 or 4 of Andy's movies and a lot of Don Knott's movies as well.


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  • I bet Mayberry Days was a lot of fun!   I hope to attend some day.  I googled the DVD and saw it was in the store associated with this Mayberry site and TAGSRWC (Weaver's Department Store).  Ha.  I should have remembered that store and looked there first!  I'm so excited to have my own copy.  I may order Mayberry Effect next.  Thanks for telling me it's great too!

  • I watched it on Thanksgiving on amazon for the first time.  Since then I've rewatched it twice more!  I love it.  Where did you buy the actual DVD?  I'd love to get one for myself and a few others for gifts.  

    • I don't know if you got a DVD of Mayberry Man yet but you can get them from Weaver's Department Store and you can even get it autographed by "Floyd." 

      Mayberry Man DVD
      SHIPPING NOW!!!  THE MAYBERRY MAN DVD  Mayberry Man is about an arrogant movie star who is busted for speeding in a small southern town and sent…
      • Hi Allan,  Yes, I did get a copy from Weaver's and you signed it for me!  Thank you so much.  I've watched it about two more times so far.  I will be ordered another copy next year to give to a friend for her birthday.  You all are awesome.  Thanks for all the laughter and goodness you bring to our lives.  Merry Christmas!

    • We were at Mayberry Days this year, and my son got an autographed copy from Alan Newsome, the character actor who portrays Floyd! We also purchased the Mayberry Effect movie too! It was great!

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