• One of my favorite things about watching the old Perry Mason tv episodes is looking for people that also had roles in TAGS.  Some episodes have as any as three or four.  Here’s one that I didn’t notice for awhile....who’s that lady?


    • I believe that is  a heavily disguised Joanna Moore, aka nurse  Peggy.  

      • You are correct, sir.  I actually recognized her first by her wonderful voice.

        • I probably did too, as she had a distinctive voice and was hardly recognizable at the  start of the episode. She did  a lot of

          TV at that time. I think she  might have been  in another episode of Perry Mason.  

  • Never noticed it on TAGS but Orville Monroe was quite the shorty.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)


  • In the 1959 teen movie “Go, Johnny, Go”, look who’s impatiently waiting for Jimmy Clayton to finish his phone call.....


  • I watched 'The Blob'  1958 Classic -  last night,  and Aneta Corsaut was there the whole time.  

    • That was her one and only movie where she was credited. And she was a co-star!

      After that, LOTS of TV roles, especially as a nurse. And born in Kansas!


      Aneta Corsaut - IMDb
      Aneta Corsaut, Actress: The Blob. Pretty, auburn-haired actress Aneta Louise Corsaut was born in Hutchinson, Kansas on November 3, 1933. She majored…
  • Erma Bishop, i.e. Miss Mayberry, was also Judge Clara of Perry Mason!


    • Nice find, Mayor. I used to watch that show.   


      I know of another sighting if I may:

      Joyce Jameson(Skippy) as Rose of Santa Rio in The Outlaw Jose Whales.   She played a saloon girl.

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