• I wonder if Howard considered offering Elvis a haircut.

    • He assaulted me. Pushed me. Real hard!

    • Now how could Otis correctly try that case. He did’t have his specs on!

  • In the original Cheaper By The Dozen movie (1950), Betty Lynn had a short but notable role as the lively and slightly saucy friend of the family’s oldest daughter....


    • Thanks, Bernie! And thanks, James Murphy & our Fat Little Mayor. 


  • Three Mayberryans in the movie "Bend of the River". Aunt Bee, Doc from "Bighouse", and our friendly butcher. Only Bee played a "Good Guy" in this western.



    Bobby Fleet on Hawaii 5-0



    • Where is his band with a beat?



        Dano has them cornered at the pineapple warehouse.


          Mr Mcbeevee as a blind artist on Hawaii 5-0



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