Mr. Schwump in Final Episode

This won't come as a surprise to most of you, but I didn't know Mr. Schwump was in the final episode (S:8;E:30) of TAGS, in living color.  I rarely watch the color episodes, but PlutoTV runs them (also on demand) about every third rotation.  At the ceremony honoring the Italian family, Mister is in the audience. Paramount+ also streaming all eps of TAGS.  

Just for fun, I did a google image search of a blown up but sorta clear pic of him.  No luck.

I believe the key to his identity is casting director Ruth Burch (1901-2000).  There is t much about her on the web, but she had a brilliant career (started with David O. Selznick).  Perhaps she left her papers to UCLA or to a relative.

I think Miss Burch knew Mr. Schwump as a neighbor, friend, or relative, and she threw him work just for fun.  He is the perfect spectator or crowd person.  He shows up in programs for which Miss Burch was casting director, or other CBS shows from that era.  When I have time, I watch for him in Dick Van Dyke or Perry Mason episodes.  

We will find this great king.  

After I win the lottery, I'll commission a great statue of Mr. Schwump and display it in Mt. Airy.  Also a grand mausoleum.  You're all invited to the unveilings.

"God Bless us one and all." -Tiny Tim




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