Odd Fact Known By Few

Linda Ronstadt sang the opening theme to Andy's short-lived 1970 series, 'Headmaster.'

Listen Here:
Linda Ronstadt 'Only A Man'

Only a man
And he walks like a man along the path
Full of hills to climb without pause
Climb them because he's a man

Yes he's only a man
And he'll give you a hand up the path
Through the fields to climb if you will
Climb them until you're a man

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  • Thanks Allan for info.  Always find the good stuff.



  • Linda Ronstadt was my favorite back in the day. I remember playing her albums on this radio-tube version stereo I had.

  • Wow...I've never heard that before.  Thank you for the info Keevy Hazelton 

    • You're welcome.


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