Paul Hartman- Odd Fact Known By Few

Paul Hartman, Mayberry's fix it man, Emmet Clark, starred for one season in a totally forgotten family sitcom from 1953 called, 'Pride Of the Family'. It also featured Fay Wray from 'King Kong' fame as his wife, and future star, Natalie Wood as his daughter. There are a few clips on YouTube.


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  • I liked Emmett's character in Season 8. It was a great addition to the cast. He was no replacement for Floyd by any means, but he brought a new dynamic, at light odds with Goober and Howard. Somehow I could identify with him more than all the other characters.

  • Paul hartman appears at 16:24.

  • He would have made a good cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz! Slap on a furry suit and he's almost all set. Maybe that is partly the reason for him being the "Pride".

  • I was browsing the character list and it included Frank Ferguson (Mr. Foley+), Willis Bouchey (Mr. “Chuck” O’Malley+), and Tol Avery (Ben Weaver+).  

  • Interesting....who’s the Boy Scout, I wonder.  I love the movie West Side Story but I still have a hard time with Natalie as Maria.  

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