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Here's a few questions from my (obviously) favorite show, "Up In Barney's Room."

What was Barney hiding in the front of his shirt when he started up the stairs at Mrs. Mendlebright's?

What was he cooking for Andy?

Where did that dresser come from?

How many watts in Barney's light bulb?

What is Mrs. M's favorite thing about Barney?

What is her new suitor's name?

[Tough three part  final question] "Why is Barney suspicious of this guy?

Extra credit.  What on earth am I wearing in that picture?

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Question 1....I don't know, ,grocery items


                3....Ft. Lauderdale (on a bus)




I don't know

Numbers 2 &3 are right Shorty!

Feel free to write your own quiz!  Sorry, I forgot to number my questions, it would have made it easier.

1. milk

4. 40

5 he's neat and tidy

6. Mr. Fields

extra credit....your Jane outfit?

1. Milk
2. Chili
3. Ft. Lauderdale
4. 40 watt bulb
5. Fav thing: "Nobody leaves a clean wash basin like you do Barney."
6. Mr. Fields (aka Otto Felman, bunko man)
7. Why suspicious:
A. A guy moves into town.
2. He has no job.
C. He wants to marry Ms. "Bendlemright."

Extra Credit: Wearing the outfit from your role as Jane in the 1918 films, Tarzan of the Apes and again in The Romance of Tarzan.

Correctamundo!  You guys are great. 

I'm not positive about the outfit in my old photo myself.  It probably is one of my Jane outfits. It looks like maybe the chimp made it.  A sort of a lace negligee under the front half of a white satin evening gown or assorted scraps left on the trees as I dove into the pool.

That dress probably flowed out well when you were swinging from tree to tree on that vine.  haha

What size shoe does Barney Fife ware? 

I'm gonna guess 10&1/2 for some reason.  Does he mention it in the one where Ernest T gets his uniform?

Was it 7 1/2?  I know it was surprisingly small.  Small, but well-polished.  Especially on the old German told me that.

Thel is right.  Mentioned in the "Gossiping Men" when Barney goes in to audition while ordering shoes from Mr. Fench of the Manhattan Shoe Co.  71/2 B. 


In what month was Barney Fife born?



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