Preparing for the Big Game

Every Father's Day, my kids, their spouses, and my wife play "The Andy Griffith Trivia Game". So I have been watching episodes that I have otherwise avoided. I am champ for two years now. My son-in-law actually started watching just to be in contention!

So go ahead and ask me something. Ask, ASK!


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  • OK, we played the game on July 3rd. I ran away with the game this year, far outpacing the competition. My daughter and her husband took second place - they have started watching the show a bit. My son-in-law said he was going to beat me next year - Look Out!  Funny, when my daughter and him were dating, he had never watched an episode but I assured him "You will!"

  • Did you win again?  Any good questions?

    • We postponed the game to July 3rd, a day when everyone could be here. I will let you know how it goes.

  • Here is one I remember from the game. How many hatfuls of water did Brisco Darling's car require when he got to Mayberry?

    A) 7 hat fulls

    B) 9 hat fulls

    C) 11 hat fulls

    D) 13 hat fulls

    • 11 it is!

      • Yes, that is right!


  • I got one for you, Mayor (or anyone else who wants to jump in)... did Barney learn how to sew and crochet?

    • My guess is his mother. I believe it was the Season 4 Fun Girls episode.


      • Correct!  Actually, watching his mother.  He was Mr. Fix-it in the episode.  

  • Okay....who was the best dribbler on the Sweetbrier Normal basketball team?  (And who was the backbone of the team?)

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