Susan Oliver was an incredibly talented actress and played each of her roles so well, no matter her character.

If I had to pinpoint one episode as my favor, it would have to be Prisoner of Love.  What made it so was the

combination of Susan's character and the haunting music theme.  I've looked in many different places to try and find if the score was borrowed from somewhere or composed just for the show and this episode, no joy.  Does any know if the score is available somewhere besides the soundtrack of this episode ?  I would love to be able to add it to my collection.

Thanks All !


P.S.  Keep good care of and hug your equines, canines and felines often.

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  • this is also an excellent movie on her life.  it's on amazon prime too.  see links below.

  • I'm pretty sure the music was by Earle Hagen but it could be some music he found.  I'm not a music major so I can' really help. 

    I wanted to be sure you saw this episode of my podcast that was about Susan Oliver.

    TCNW 413: Susan Oliver - Prisoner of Love

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