Quotes you say ALOT!

In no particular order, name the top 1-2 quotes from the show that you “ACTUALLY” SAY TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, a lot!  

Please only list 1-2 to give others a chance to add theirs!!!

I’ll start:

  1. Your education was worth every penny.
  2. Eatin’ speaks louder that words!

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  • I throw some buscuits in the oven once in a while for my kids and it's real quick and easy to make. I normally tell them: "I wouldn't be doing any flying tonight cause them biscuits will lay awefull heavy."

  • "You're always throwin' your education up at me"

    If someone mentions something that happened the day before, whether it pertains to weather or not, we'll say, "Yeah, I was right there in it!"

    And both my husband and I have always quoted this lesser known phrase..."All this is new right in through here". (Does anyone know where that quote comes from?) :)

    • Family Visit episode, when they all decided to go for a ride around town after supper. This episode is in my top 20!


    • Hate to knock your town Tammy, but WE paved around the gas works 2 years AGO!!!  I use that on alot too!


      • Yah, well...we were slow in getting federal aid. ;)

  • I believe we got 'er if she don't jump!

    • That's one of my favorite quotes, Joseph.    Is that from Andy Forecloses?  

      • it's also from one of his comedy routines pre-TAGS

  • 1.What a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive. 

    2. Nip it.  Nip it in the bud

  • Run up an alley and holler fish


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