sneaky stage manager

Something had caught my eye previously but I was able to confirm tonight that during the Butter & Egg Man/Aunt Bea gets a boyfriend episode, Andy is reading a copy of the Mt. Airy News when Aunt Bea, while washing the supper dishes, announces she has a date with Mr. Hendricks.  It is plainly visible as he has the paper folded in half with the front page facing the camera.  Pretty sneaky stuff.

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  • Good noticing! 

    Here's a similar one:   I'm fairly sure it's in A Black Day for Mayberry. 

    Towards the beginning after the 2 Federal agents come into the courthouse looking for the Sheriff(one of them was Opie's real-Dad by the way)

    Barney is bent outta shape because they don't want to tell him anything and at one point he is standing by the desk flipping through a Mount Airy phone book/telephone directory.

    • Now, that's really amazing noticing!  I think Andy was messing with us to do stuff like that.  In the scene I mentioned, once they cut away and then back, the Mayberry News had taken the Mt. Airy news place in Andy's hands.  That rascal!!

      • Oh reallly?  Wow, I'll have to go look at that.  Good noticing again.   Trouble is they took Andy Griffith off of Netflix first,  and then Amazon prime started charging for it.  But I ordered season 4 off amazon for $11.00  on dvd.  Great deal imo. 30 episodes for 11 bucks. Not-bad.  I'll order the season with Aunt Bee's Invisible beau soon, I hope they have it. 


        An edit:  I just ordered season 5 on dvd for 11 bucks.   :)    

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