Sylvia Lewis is profiled in this online interview, whose title is explained by the time she costarred with and kissed Shemp Howard in The Three Stooges comedy BEDLAM IN PARADISE (1955)...

Kissing Shemp... and Other Cinematic OMG Moments


Sylvia played 'Flossie the Belly-Dancer' in TAGS' "Banjo-Playing Deputy," and one of Keevy Hazelton's go-go dancers (center) in "A Singer in Town."  As Desilu's resident choregrapher, she choreographed the student dance routine in "The Senior Play."  Remember Gomer's dance with Mary Grace?  We can thank Sylvia for creating that.  For USMC fans, Sylvia costarred as one of the con artists in "Dance, Marine, Dance."

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