The color episodes

I've never liked them much.  I bought the DVD box set for the first 5 seasons but wasn't interested in the last 3.

Don Knotts and Jim Nabors was gone, the new characters like Warren, Emmet and Howard just weren't funny to me, poor Floyd had had the stroke, and Andy seem irritated by everyone.  There wasn't the fun picking on Barney, and the true friendship between those two with any other characters.  This is nothing new to many TAGS fans.

Today, TV Land got to the end of season 5 and started showing the first episodes of Season 6.  They've done this before but usually revert back to the first season pretty soon.

However, I'm enjoying watching the color episodes, noticing the scenery better, and Mayberry seems closer than the earlier episodes.  Bringing a touch of nostalgia a little closer to me.

Do you like the color episodes?  Do you still watch them?

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  • I really enjoy the color episodes! Howard and Goober did a great job.

  • For many years I avoided the color eps as well but over time they began to grow on me and now I like them pretty fine; I even like Warren! Emmett is my favorite supporting character in the later seasons.

  • I totally agree! This might just be because Barney is my favorite character, but I never watch the new episodes. (No offense to the actor and he is very talented) Warren could never replace Barney. I have watched some and they are just not the same! I do still love them though!!

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