• I see the fun girls just walked in, I hope they sit down with the Darlin' boys.  

  • I didn't, and still don't, see Mary Simpson 1.0.  And while Sue Ann is cute as a bug's ear, I have always had a soft spot for Julie (Julia) Adams!

  • Poor Warren.....the Rodney Dangerfield of Mayberry.  (Or maybe he went out for popcorn.)

  • Barney and Thel look almost like they are 'phttt'  Barn would normally be floating that arm out there. 


    Some new faces have been added to this version. Is that Mr. Schwump in the back row on the right? Still no Warren though.






    • I think Floyd is about to sample one of Andy's hairs!


    • I am guessing that is Malcolm Merriweather in the back.   No Warren huh? Yeah? huh???    Also, no Tom Jacobs, who is a credited actor with one speaking part but showing up in 71 episodes.

      One other 1-epiosode credited actress of significance is not shown.


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  • Very well done!  

    (And Lydia is ignoring poor Goober.  She must be sick of talking about her tires.)

    • They probably just finished a box of chocolates and now she's nauseated.

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