• I am guessing that is Malcolm Merriweather in the back.   No Warren huh? Yeah? huh???    Also, no Tom Jacobs, who is a credited actor with one speaking part but showing up in 71 episodes.

      One other 1-epiosode credited actress of significance is not shown.


    • I think Floyd is about to sample one of Andy's hairs!


  • Barney and Thel look almost like they are 'phttt'  Barn would normally be floating that arm out there. 

  • Poor Warren.....the Rodney Dangerfield of Mayberry.  (Or maybe he went out for popcorn.)

  • I didn't, and still don't, see Mary Simpson 1.0.  And while Sue Ann is cute as a bug's ear, I have always had a soft spot for Julie (Julia) Adams!

  • I see the fun girls just walked in, I hope they sit down with the Darlin' boys.  

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