• that is great!  I love how they have Ernest T on the front row with the kids!

  • Nice job! 

    Here is a challenge: Name the credited actors that are not shown!

    • The most glaring ommision to me is Warren. Granted he's not very popular but he was a very prominant regular and should have been included.


  • Lydia: "I don't like large theaters - they give me claustriphobia and I break out in hives all over".

    • and the herpes!

  • Wow! I really appreciate the effort and skill. That is well done!  It would make a great poster. 

  • Very well done!  

    (And Lydia is ignoring poor Goober.  She must be sick of talking about her tires.)

    • They probably just finished a box of chocolates and now she's nauseated.

  • This project is the work of Kelly Keller, who maintains the Classic 1960s TV Facebook page.

    Classic 1960's TV
    Classic TV of the USA

    Some new faces have been added to this version. Is that Mr. Schwump in the back row on the right? Still no Warren though.






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