Un-seen Mayberry Citizens

I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, or even if you wish to discuss it. Collectively, the forum members hold a vast knowledge of the citizens of Mayberry. Over time, we have learned many things about citizens that we have never seen. As example,
“Juanita Juanita Juanit”, works as a waitress where the trucks all stop thus requires Barney to make “trouble checks”.
Sara or Sarah, Telephone exchange operator with several ailments that require “soaking”. We also know she “takes a pinch of snuff now and then.”
Who else do we know, and what is their uniqueness? This could also be done in the form of a quiz.

Who works at the “lingerie shop” and the subject of town gossip?

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  • I put together a web page with this very subject. Let me know if you find someone I've left off the list. 


    Unseen Characters - Mayberry Historical Society
    • I see you listed "Shorty" mentioned in Goober Takes a Car Apart. In "Goober Makes History", Goober speaks of "Shorty Watson", as he explains the Monroe Doctrine. He states, "You remember Shorty Watson", so I am thinking this would be a different character, as in one from the past.


      • Thanks Mayor. I'll add Shorty Watson to the list. Good job. 

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