UNSEEN CHARACTERS...How many can YOU name?

Check out this site...THEN reply to add any UNSEEN characters you come across that might have been missed. LOoking for folks mentioned, but not seen on the show. Let's make an extensive list. Look and read here first: http://www.mayberry.info/history/index.php?title=Unseen_Characters

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  • In Opie's Newspaper Andy said: Troy Boden forgot to bring his lunch to school....   I know there's a Trey Boden. Maybe Troy is his brother, it's either that or it was a mistake and Andy mispoke the name.    And I noticed on the list you have Matt Merlin as opies friend in A Wife for Andy; I am fairly sure his name is Merliss.  

    That sure is a fun list to read. What a joy it is to go over it. Didn't mean to be picky. 

    • No...glad you found that...I think you are right about Matt!  Thanks.

  • As of Oct. 7, 2020, I have found and listed 497 Characters that were mentioned on the Show, but never seen...including 36 real life, famous people.  Read through the complete list first, then see if you can come up with any others.  Here's the link:  https://www.mayberry.info/history/index.php/Unseen_Characters 

    Unseen Characters - Mayberry Historical Society
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