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    • I might write in Howard Sprague, just to be different.  He's not mean like Mayor Stoner but, unlike Mayor Pike, he isn't going to just go along with whoever last spoke to him.

      But then Mayor Pike is a cute little roley poley guy and I like John lane's idea of Bert if he could just withstand all the attention the job might bring

      • I might jump on the Howard "band wagon" as long as he puts his Comedy Career on hold.
  • Hard to say...pike was a pushover...Stoner was voter-pleaser...

    Who would we write it?
    • I'd write in Floyd.  The way he can "double talk" would make him a great mayor. 

  • I like Mayor Pike - He reminds me of a penguin. Stoner is a sour-puss.

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    • I have to go with Pike for he "thinks for himself" and not swayed those around him!

  • Heck I guess I should be the same and not different as you guys, but I then on the other hand I could just for the fun of it be differet do I think Im gonna be COMPLETELY Different and Vote Gomer as Mayor! Gomer: You don't have to vote for me if you'd rather vote for Mayor Stoner or Pike, I would understand. Or Bert, Bert: I'd hate to be to pushy, only if you really think I'd make a great Mayor, I am not being to pushy am I? Or Barney: "Well... I could see why you'd vote for me, I am the law in this town. But, you really didn't have to instead you should of voted for me as sheriff and then vote Andy for mayor, Andy'd make a better mayor" or Floyd: " Me... Mayor of Mayberry? Why what about my barbershop? I still haven't had time to put in my Two Chairs to Make it "Two Chairs No Waiting! Well.. I don't know, what about putting Andy as Mayor". Andy: I don't want to be mayor! Now Floyd and Barney don't know that I'd be a good mayor! I would be  TERRIBLE MAYOR! I was made to be a sheriff, I am a good sheriff NOT a Mayor!"         I (John) think I am going to vote for Bert! I don't think he was being to pushy! Do you think Bert was being to pushy?

  • I'd have to go with Mayor Pike.  His "weaknesses" were not nearly as unpleasant as those of Mayor Stoner.

  • I'd vote for Mayor Pike. I think he represents the old ways in Mayberry. Mayor Stoner wants to drag Mayberry into the future (or at least the more recent past). Pike stands for traditional ways and Stoner is for "progress".

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