Wally's 1975

Desilu's 40 Acres back-lot in Culver City, CA where the Mayberry set was located was razed in 1976. An industrial park now occupies the site.


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  • That storage shed on the left apparently got moved around.  In the Great Filling Station robbery it was on the right as we looked at it.

    • I watched The Great Filling Station Robbery last night and in that episode they had the car pulled right into the main part of the gas station even though there aren't any big doors on that part and there's not nearly enough room in there for a car but it was needed for the story. It's that time the little guy hid in the trunk until closing time then he snuck out and stole stuff.  I guess they never imagined anyone would notice or care that the garage part was a seperate building, but I could be considered a trained noticer. 

  • If you look at Man in a Hurry and Lawman Barney you'll notice that Wally's station has an awning with a wooden porch out front and the double-door garage is on the other side of the station.  They must have used two different ones for some odd reason. 

    • I noticed that the station was much smaller in the color era, as is shown in these pics. 

  • Got a facelift for an episode of 'Gomer Pyle USMC.'


    • And yes, that's Hubcap Lesch waitin' on the porch.  She had just stolen Gomer's wallet as he was going home, to coincidently, buy Wally's (with Goober)!

      • That does look like Mrs Lesch standing there. She really could wack a guy with that umbrella. 

  • They let that go a bit! Here is a pic from what I assume to be the color era.


    • Love this pic!


  • If I was the bulldozer driver who was ordered to tear it down I would have quit my job and said "sorry pal, I just can't do it."    

    You know this gives me an idea; I am sort of a mister-fixit and I build things and I do a lot of carpentry work on my own time.  Maybe I'll start building me some TAGS replicas in my back yard. 

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