Wally's 1975

Desilu's 40 Acres back-lot in Culver City, CA where the Mayberry set was located was razed in 1976. An industrial park now occupies the site.


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  • Well that’s a sad lookin’ photo.  Who put up industrial park? I’m guessing either Ben Weaver or Mayor Stoner’ brother!

  • If I was the bulldozer driver who was ordered to tear it down I would have quit my job and said "sorry pal, I just can't do it."    

    You know this gives me an idea; I am sort of a mister-fixit and I build things and I do a lot of carpentry work on my own time.  Maybe I'll start building me some TAGS replicas in my back yard. 

  • They let that go a bit! Here is a pic from what I assume to be the color era.


    • Love this pic!


  • Got a facelift for an episode of 'Gomer Pyle USMC.'


    • And yes, that's Hubcap Lesch waitin' on the porch.  She had just stolen Gomer's wallet as he was going home, to coincidently, buy Wally's (with Goober)!

      • That does look like Mrs Lesch standing there. She really could wack a guy with that umbrella. 

  • If you look at Man in a Hurry and Lawman Barney you'll notice that Wally's station has an awning with a wooden porch out front and the double-door garage is on the other side of the station.  They must have used two different ones for some odd reason. 

    • I noticed that the station was much smaller in the color era, as is shown in these pics. 

  • That storage shed on the left apparently got moved around.  In the Great Filling Station robbery it was on the right as we looked at it.

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